Supporting Strathspey …

We researched and created StrathspeyNow with an ambition to support the communities in and around Grantown-on-Spey. Many organisations who could and, arguably, should have been interested in and supported our work were at first enthusiastic. But that enthusiasm soon waned – and then vanished.

One who worked with us from Day 1 and has championed our work throughout has been the Grantown Society with whom we started our conversation as long ago as 2017. Significant work and investment led to us launching our project in 2022: to provide managed, integrated digital communication and support for multiple audiences across the area.

Two years in …

The work we are delivering across Strathspey is based on our experience of providing digital support in other locations: we knew it would work, but we also knew that it would be a slow burn.

We are delighted to share an update that demonstrates just how impactful our work has been to date and on which we plan to build for the future.

All ages …

Our sharing of content from businesses and organisations on our channels helps to build an engaged audience. We monitor insights, analytics and data from the channels we manage to be able to show the age range of our following. We have followers, readers and subscribers across all measurable ages and we’re delighted that the spread is so even in age representation. This means that – for any business or organisation we help to support – we know their content will be seen by a relevant audience.

Combined, that audience now stands at more than 10,500 – people who are interested in seeing and reading the content we create, share and publish. It is their interest – acting as advocates by sharing with their own family, friends and colleagues – that generates interaction, resulting in our audience and reach growing by the day.

The more the merrier …

All of our work is driven by a wish to deliver community-benefit. When Grantown-on-Spey missed out on Government support in the 2017-18 Digital Towns Programme, we were determined to help create a model that would help.

Slowly but surely, we are proving that model – but we want to create more content, share more and generate a greater following to help promote and support Strathspey. To that end, if you work with a local business or organisation or are involved in a community group or local charity and want coverage – just ask.

We have made it as simple as possible: click on the image below to complete and submit our online questionnaire. Once received, we will write a Blog feature and send a link for your approval prior to sharing with our audiences to help spread the word. It is that simple!


Thank you for reading!