Joining the dots …

Our gigabit-capable network is now live and delivering “game changing” broadband speeds to homes and businesses across more than 50 square miles of Strathspey – and that is enabling us to deliver the community support that we promised from the outset.

This Blog will help to create and share stories that feature the work of businesses, organisations and community groups – all in support of the promotion of Strathspey to an ever-growing audience. And that audience – whether it is you reading this Blog or our followers on Facebook or Instagram – are our project’s advocates, all helping us to drive the message further.

If you run a business or organisation and have a story to tell – or you are part of a community group that needs to share news on events, to publicise fund raising campaigns or you are looking for new members or volunteers – we can help to get that message ‘out there’. The vast majority of engagement is at a local level, but we are already seeing our content being read by people in more than 100 cities across over 30 countries. You can use this form to contact us and share your story. Similarly, if you have a job opportunity, work experience or you are seeking volunteers to help with a project – tell us via this form and we’ll help to spread the word.

All of this work is being funded as a result of people signing up to our network. It is their contribution that enables us to invest in Strathspey.

Community benefit …

We have long argued that the biggest community benefit we can deliver is to help those in need to connect to better, faster and more robust broadband – and that is what we have done by launching our network. Those signed-up are being contacted and – one by one – are being connected to services where the download and upload speeds are transformational … a massive improvement on what has been available to date.

When we first asked people to register their interest, the average download speeds peaked at just over 20Mbs: many were a fraction of that. The minimum we are providing is 30Mbps and – where people need it – we can deliver a far faster service.

The latest to connect is on 200Mbps download with a 60Mbps upload. And this is across Strathspey. The map below shows the clusters where we are connecting customers – from Boat of Garten in the west to Advie in the east.

Need better broadband?

We know many people are under contracts with current providers, but we also know the service they are receiving is very poor. If you live in and around any of the communities highlighted on our map and want to sign-up to StrathspeyNow’s service, just click on the map above or this link and complete your details. In some cases – especially for those in the most rural areas – we can help to trigger government funding to contribute to your connection. Our form allows you to tick that box and we’ll act on your behalf to make that happen. All you have to do is specify the service you want to sign uip to – submit the form – and our engineers will be back in touch to arrange a date to survey and install. If we can’t connect you (and we have always been honest to say we won’t be able to connect everyone due to line of sight from our base station), then we will say so, and there’s no obligation. If we can connect you,m we will connect you there and then. It is that simple.


Thanks for reading.