Our Broadband Network is Live

StrathspeyNow – the gigabit-capable broadband network that will support homes and businesses across the area – is now ‘on’. The collaboration of companies behind the network has “overcome numerous set-backs through the pandemic and since”. The latest – seeing their equipment installed at the Laggan mast near Grantown on Spey only to have to postpone the ‘switch on’ date when high winds forced engineers off the site …

That has now been rectified and the core network equipment – linking Grantown on Spey with the mast – is completed, tested and switched on.

Simon Baldwin of Destination Digital – the lead company delivering StrathspeyNow – explains: “We very much appreciate everyone’s patience. This has been a protracted and, at times, painful process where we have been reliant on many third parties to join the dots.” He adds: “A project that has its origins in discussions with local partners some five years ago is now ‘live’ and we can’t wait to start connecting those who have registered.”

The network’s wireless delivery is anchored to fibre in the heart of Grantown on Spey at the Grant Arms Hotel. David Duncan, General Manager at the Grant Arms says: “We have been delighted to be a partner in this exciting project. It has taken time and a lot of hard work from those involved.” David adds: “We are already seeing the benefits with the hotel and our guests enjoying massively improved Internet speed as a result of the StrathspeyNow service.”

From the town, the network can be delivered to properties in line of sight as well as to the Laggan mast. The equipment installed on the mast can then relay it to more customers.

Homeowners who triggered the project by registering for the Broadband Voucher Scheme will receive letters from StrathspeyNow’s internet service provider, TransmitAir. Simon adds: “If that is you, please don’t ignore it! Those who requested our support through the voucher scheme must respond to TransmitAir and agree to be connected.”

But there is no hold up for others who registered. Richard Watson of TransmitAir explains: “The software we operate means we know the properties that can see our connection – and that, in turn, enables us to say whether we can connect you or not.” Richards adds: “It has taken us a long time to get to this point and we do not want to cut any corners. We want a ‘belt and braces’ operation and, to ensure that, our engineers will be in Strathspey this week to assess the network’s coverage. We will then share those results so people know what can be delivered to where … and when.

StrathspeyNow has already started delivering some of its community benefit elements. The digital channels managed by the project are building audiences. Simon says: “We have followers from across Strathspey and, through their interaction with our content, the messaging is engaging with hundreds and reaching many, many more.” He adds: “These are our first steps. As the project grows, we will share more to help promote Strathspey to an ever-growing audience at home and abroad.

Those who have registered to date are being contacted this week. For anyone who wishes to register, you can do so via https://bit.ly/StrathspeyNow-Broadband


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